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Han Shot First: describe yourself in 3 television characters.











arya stark + donna noble + liz lemon

marnie michaels + catelyn stark + lavinia swire

rory gilmore + ben wyatt +…

Bill Nye the Science Guy, Sherlock Holmes (Granada), Glen Cullen

Wenesday Addams, Gil Grissom, Castiel.

Dana Scully, River Tam, Stringer Bell
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      Louis CK, Al Swearengen, GOB Bluth Seriously you get the correct ratio of these three and you have Sam Haller
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      Rupert Giles, Jessica Day, Robin Scherbatsky Possibly some other character who’s so indecisive he/she takes months to...
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      Winifred Burkle, Rachel Berry, & Elliot Reid
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      Quinn Fabray + Elena Gilbert + Belle French
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      Lydia Martin + Rebekah Mikaelson + Quinn FABray
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      Sherlock (Elementary), The 11th Doctor (Dr. Who), Loki (yeah it’s from the movies, not a TV show but Loki doesn’t follow...
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      Donna Moss + Liz Lemon + April Ludgate
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      Laura Ingalls Wilder, Josh Lyman, Willow Rosenberg (from Buffy) How’s that for variety?
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      Probably Penelope Garcia + Donna Noble + Louis from Suits. Because I am an awkward know-it-all suck-up despite also...
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      Tom Quinn + Dean Winchester + Merlin
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      Lorelei Gilmore, Xena, Toby Ziegler
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      Harold Finch + Hannibal Lecter + Tyrion Lannister
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      Penelope Garcia + Dean Winchester + James Wilson.
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      Will Graham + Pam de Beaufort + Annie Edison.
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      John Watson + Penelope Garcia + Henry Bemis. (And consider yourself internet smooched if you know who Henry Bemis is...
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      The Ninth Doctor + Britta Perry + Sterling Archer
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      Turanga Leela + Troy Barnes + Hank Venture
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      Andy Dwyer + Jeff Winger + Loras Tyrell
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      Special Agent Dale Cooper, Brian Topp, Tom Servo.
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      Charlie Bradbury + Blaine Anderson + a dash of Castiel
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      Tina Cohen-Chang + Samwell Tarly + Tenzin
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      Rory Gilmore (Gilmore Girls) + Mary Bennet (Pride and Prejudice) + Joly (Les Miserables)
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      Jaye Tyler, Will Graham, and the Eleventh Doctor. It’s fun to be me.
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      Jaye Tyler, Rupert Giles and maybe a tiny bit of Lix Storm. At least I basically want to be her so I’m putting her down...